Friday, September 19, 2008

A breakfast known by many names

This was my first experience with type of breakfast type food. I also think it was called an egg in the nest or birds nest. This is so simple and easy. I have to eat breakfast daily... I'm not that person that can survive on coffee/juice in the morning. I need food.

Start with a piece of bread
Find a glass that has an opening big enough for an egg to cook evenly, but not to big that the bread is not intact. It just so happens that our wine glass is perfect size.

Once you have your hole, place quite a few pats of butter on the pan and melt it. Once melted, place the bread on the pan and let it toast up a bit. Crack your egg into the middle of the bread. I added salt and pepper at this point. Give it about a minute or so to cook before you flip it. I lifted the edges a couple of times to take a peek. Once the bread was nice and toasted and the egg appeared to have firmed up then I flipped it.

I added the "holes" on the pan with some butter and toasted them up. No point in wasting them. When the egg in a hole was almost cooked through I grated some parmesan cheese on top. I cooked them until it was right around medium easy... slightly runny.


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The Miller Family said...

This is such a cool idea!! I'm going to try making that next time Keith is in the mood for eggs.