Sunday, October 03, 2010

Last week we met up with friends to tailgate before the UT/UCLA game. It was a little rough because we had the wedding the night before and the game was at 2:30, which meant you wanted to get to the tailgate no later than noon. The people that set up were there around 6am (or earlier) to get everything set up and ready to go. They are the troopers of tailgating and have been doing it for years and years with their family. Luckily we are friends with their son, so we head out there to hang out before games.

Nick, Chris and Jim. I have no idea what is up with Nick's hat, but he seemed to like it. I seemed to like making fun of it :)
Chris, Jim, me, Jenn, and Charlie

Charlie and I

Charlie, Chris and Jim

Half of our crew went to the game and half went to a bar to watch the game. Jim had the chance to go watch the game, but he decided to hang out with his wife instead :) He'll get to go to another game later in the season. Plus, after the loss that UT was handed, Jim was happy that he didn't go.

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