Sunday, October 10, 2010

Austin City Limits Festival


Each year we debate on whether or not we want to go to ACL. The main issue that we have is that you buy your tickets before you know who is going to actually play at the 3 day concert. I'm sure, you know that they are going to get big names to play at the concert, but will it be a band that you like or want to see? In the past we have done 3 day passes and we have purchased day passes, just depending on what we have going on and when it is.

This year I waited to long to buy the tickets so I missed out on getting us 3 day passes, so I bought us Friday tickets. We like Friday because typically it is a slower day (I'm guessing people are working or making their way to Austin for the concert). This year it was busier than normal... perhaps the nice weather brought people out or the Phish fans (that are known for traveling to see them play). Either way, we still had a really good time.

We started out the day with Chris. Lindsay was meeting up with us later that day and we had friends coming throughout the day Jim checking out the schedule. We spent a few nights checking out the line up and listening to bands that we haven't heard of before to try to figure out who would be the show to watch.

Jim and I at the Donavan Frankenheimer show. This band was okay, not our favorite

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who loves to take self portrait shots :)

The crowd really started to pick up around 3pm. Once the crowds got this big, it felt like it was the 2nd day of the festival which is on Saturday

At one of the shows I had the pleasure of sitting behind this guy. I was amazed that he could sit in that chair... it looks like it is going straight up his ass and is totally uncomfortable!! I guess it is light weight to carry, but that is the only reason I can see to carry the chair around.

I'm not positive, but I believe this guy is a Phish fan. That is WAY to much tie dye all in one outfit

Port-a-potty... yeah that's right, I took a picture in one (before I used it)

The guitarist from Chief

For lunch I decided to eat at Aquarelle... this steak sandwich with french fries and some type of sauce was DELICIOUS! A friend of mine, Sarah, said that she got the same sandwich and loved it too! I highly doubt that I could go to Aquarelle to get this sandwich because they are a high end restaurant in Austin. If they ever add it to their menu, I'll be the first person to order one! :)

Lot's o' people

Lindsay and I at Spoon
John, Nick, Chris and Jim.
We ran into Nick, John and Magen once we set up our chairs at the Spoon stage. It was so odd to run into everybody since there were so many damn people at the festival

Jim and I at Spoon

I thought it was pretty cool that people could sit on the stage in the risers. I wasn't a big fan of Spoon... I thought they just sounded okay.
Sunsetting on the festival

Nice face dear
Lindsay, Chris, Nick, John and Jim
This balloon acted as a "night light" over the middle part of the festival. It was surprisingly bright

Close up of the "night light"
At Vampire Weekend... They were awesome!

Lindsay, Chris and Jim
Lindsay, Chris and I
These guys were using glowing hula hoops... very cool
Good Bye ACL! We had a grand time!

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