Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carving our Pumpkins!

I love everything about Halloween!!! Halloween is my favorite holiday because it is fun to dress up, have an excuse to eat candy and make sweets, play dress up, and typically means cooler weather!!!

I bought our pumpkins at HEB a couple of weeks ago. We didn't want to carve them to early and have them rot out, so we waited until 2 nights ago. One day I'd like to go out to a farm and buy pumpkins from some type of pumpkin patch, but I don't' know where one is near Austin.

Abby's first experience with a pumpkin. She kept trying to eat the stump

Chewie and I before the festivities begin

Abby, Jim and Chewie

My very cool friend Angela bought me an Eagles Jack-o-lantern pack a couple years ago, so it was time to put it to good use. I have to say, those patterns are DAMN HARD. See all of those little lines right next to each other? Yeah... I said some cuss words that night while cutting my pumpkin up.

I love the way she is looking up at Jim

Here is my failed attempt at the Eagles mascot. You can kind of see it if you shut one eye and squint :) Once I took some photos, I knew I had to keep cutting and create something new.
Chewie and my final result

My pumpkin is on the right and Jim's is on the left. Jim's bat pumpkin came out pretty good! Mine was just so-so, but I still had a fun time!! :)

Chewie and the pumpkins

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