Monday, October 18, 2010

What was supposed to be a fun day....

ended up with Abby and I at the emergency vet. Abby and I headed down to Town Lake for a walk, a swim, and some butt sniffing. I wanted to get her around some other dogs so she became more comfortable around other dogs. She was prancing around while we walked to Auditorium shores, desperately trying to dive into the water. Once we got to the leash less area, we walked to the water and I let her go to play in the water. Another dog came along and they started to play friendly so I let them play for about 15 minutes. They chased each other around, they splashed and swam and basically had fun. I noticed at one point she was limping, but then promptly put her foot down and keep sniffing around. I put the leash back on her and was going to head further into the park when she stopped again to sniff her foot. I bent down to check, and found that she was bleeding. SHIT! I saw where she was cut, and it was up in her foot past her pads. I didn't want her walking in the dirt so I picked her up and carried her to the pavement. I wish I could have carried her further, but I didn't have the strength. Luckily we were only about 1.5 blocks to the car. I had a towel in the car, so I dried her off and then got a better look at her foot. Her foot had 2 different cuts, so I'm guessing that there was some type of glass in the water. Double SHIT!

Once we got home, I put her into my bathtub and cleaned her off and washed out her foot. She was such a great little girl, she only tried to get out of the tub once and let us mess with her foot to make sure there wasn't dirt in there. We wrapped up her foot and placed her on the couch. She took a nap as soon as she got onto the couch so I had a small hope that we wouldn't have to go to the vet. But as soon as she got up from the nap and put pressure on her foot, it started to bleed again.

That big boy is Theodore, sweet dog playing with Abby.

I was a little nervous at this point... Abby was eyeballing the kayak out in water like she was going to swim out to them. Thankfully she went back to playing with Theodore
After getting home from the vet. She had to be put under for the stitches. She was pretty loopy with glassy eyes for the rest of the night.
This morning she was still a little slow, but you could tell the light was back in her eyes. She is still gimpy, but that is to be expected. Her first act of our lunch time visit, was to sit in the sun and chew on a stick. After the stick, she took the opportunity to munch on Chewies neck while he was laying down :)
During our vet visit, she got weighed and surprisingly she now weighs 53 pounds. 53 POUNDS. No wonder I could only carry her so far when she hurt her foot! Tonight we will take off the bandage and make sure the stitches look okay. Poor girl!! She is so accident prone! We'll shower her with lots of love and make sure she heals properly!

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