Sunday, October 03, 2010

Trip to Arizona

Last week I boarded a plane to go to Arizona to spend time with my mom, brother and grandfather. I love going back to spend time with them, friends and eat all the foods I can't get in Austin, but I don't love the weather. The average high while I was there was around 104 degrees. Normally I don't think I would have cared that much but I was just leaving Austin as they were going in to a cold front, where the high was right around 80 degrees. Aside from the weather, I had a fantastic time.

Lee picked me up at the airport, and we headed to a sports bar in Tempe. Sunday football starts at 10am in Phx, due to the time change. It was a little weird eating breakfast while watching football, but we had a really good time!!

Lee and his girlfriend Tracy

Aaron, Tracy and Lee

Sunday night I met up with my girls, Angie and Angela! We ate at a restaurant that had just so so food, but the food didn't really matter, what mattered was spending time with friends!!! We spent about 2.5 hrs there talking and catching up, and the time flew by. I miss these girls a ton and I love how we can pick up where we left off, even it it has been 6 months since we have talked. They are truly good friends that I know I can count on, and that they know they can count on me!!

Another highlight of my trip is going to Some Burros! This is not fine dining, this is not where you take a foodie to impress them with unique combination of flavors, but this IS where you get a DAMN DELICIOUS shredded beef chimi. I will tell you now, you will not find this in Austin. Austin likes to use ground beef or chicken in their chimis. Shredded beef is key, and so is their sauce. Oh Some Burros Chimi... how I love thee!! :)

After inhaling our Some Burros, we headed over to the casino near my mom's house. The Indian Reservations have casino's in Arizona and they are really nice. The casino that we went to is fairly new, has lots of slots and a decent amount of tables.

Pop Pop came out to join us at the casino! He did the best at the slots, winning lots of "bonus" pulls at the machine.
Electronic Roulette!!! LOVED this!

Hmmmm... this is a little scary. Mom with a big knife

Mom is the ASS of the month :)
Beautiful sunset in AZ

Cyrus, Lee's dog. I think he barked every time I tried to take a picture of him

I met Lee for breakfast one morning and ordered the Mexican Omelet... it was HUGE and really good! It was enough food for 2 different people.

One morning mom and I drove up to South Mountain to check out the view of the city. It had been years since we have been up there. It is about 5 miles above the city.

Waaaaatch Ouuuuuututttt!! I' m pretending to fall

Mom and I on South Mountain
I guess this is a chipmunk or some type of desert squirrel,,, SOOOOO cute!

Mom and I with her Halloween decorations
Family Dinner!
Pop Pop, Mom, Tracy, and Lee

Pop Pop, Mom, Tracy, and me

Pop Pop, Mom, Lee and me
Tracy, Lee and Me view of the sun coming up behind the mountains the morning I left AZ
Arizona, it has been fun! Waiting on my flight back to Austin, enjoying my Bucky's

My mom bought me a Grinch stuffed toy while I was visiting (LOVE the Grinch!) and Abby took it upon herself to take the toy out of my luggage and start gnawing on it! :) I had to wrestle it away from her. She loves stuffed toys, but she loves destroying them even more!

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