Friday, October 01, 2010

Matt and Vannessa's Wedding

Last weekend was our good friends wedding in Austin. We had such a good time, but it's not a big surprise, we always have a great time with our friends. The wedding was at the Driskoll and the wedding dinner was on a boat on Town Lake. Everything about the wedding was fabulous and fun!!!

The boat for the rehearsal dinner was 2 levels, and this is the bottom level. Matt and Vannessa were thanking their family for being at the wedding. Matt's parents are in the middle of the photo.

The Groom and Groomsmen

Charlie, John, Chris, Jim, Matt and Mike

Mike, Erin, Jennifer and Charlie

Lindsay and I with Downtown in the background

Vannessa with her dad and step dad

A beautiful ceremony

John, Tammy, Lindsay, Chris, me and Jim

Lindsay, Magen, Tiffany, Tammy, me and Ashley

Jim and I

Chris, Jason, John, Joe, Nick and Jim

Jenn and Charlie

The speeches were very endearing

Love this photo of Vannessa and Matt

Lindsay, Vannessa and I

Poor Jim,,, has the ladies hanging on him

No idea what they are doing here

This picture tells a story... if you'll notice Chris (on the left) is making a "spitting" type face, Jim's face is a little bit of disbelieve, and then there is Chris (on the right) clearly happy. The guys went down stairs to do a shot, and at some point somebody told a joke, and Chris (on the right) had a mouth full of red wine. That red wine came spraying out of his mouth and hit Jim squarely in his face. You can't see Jim's shirt, but it is spotted with red wine. The whole situation became a funny story for the rest of the night.

Once we got home from the wedding we put the shirt in the sink with club soda and let it soak over night. The club soda didn't totally get the stains out, but it did cut down the color of the stain

We did a lot of dancing that night
A wonderful send off to the couple!

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