Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Eating Downtown

Last week I headed downtown to try a new cart that had just opened, but by the time i got there the line was longer that i had hoped for. I brought Abby with me, and I was starving, so waiting in a line that was 15 people deep did not seem like a good idea. I'll be back to try that cart and I'll report back when I finally eat there.

On the way to the new cart, I walked past a few other carts... a PoBoy cart, a Baverain food cart, and another cart that I can't remember but I knew which cart I would eat at... Kebabalicious! I have seen them around town but having gotten around to eating there yet.


Here we are waiting for my food. How cute is this picture?!?! :)

I ordered the chicken wrap, it has Romain lettuce, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, tzatziki and a spicy red sauce. The wrap itself is kind of like a pita, but thinner and more malleable. I really enjoyed my wrap and I am kicking myself for not getting there sooner to try them out!

I ate in front of one of the buildings downtown while Abby rolled around in the grass. She only tried once or twice to try to get a bite, but thankfully she was more interested in people watching and rolling in the grass!

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