Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Fun!
I looooooove Halloween! I love decorating for Halloween! I love carving pumpkins! I LOVE dressing up!! This year our friends, Chris and Lindsay, had a birthday/Halloween party on Saturday night at a bar in Georgetown. I wasn't sure what to expect from the bar because it is known as a biker bar. I knew from Jim and his family that the bar had really good food, but I wasn't sure what the crowd would be like and how many people would dress up. Surprisingly there were plenty of people that dressed up... probably 40% of the bar.
Jim knew almost right away what he was going to be for Halloween... Lt. Dangle from Reno 911 (see picture below). My brother was Lt. Dangle a few years ago for Halloween, so Jim was able to use his costume. All we had to get was the handcuffs and sun glasses :)

I was a Granny that was trying to relive her days when she was a Hooters waitress. I have no idea where this idea came from but as soon as I came up with the idea I starting planning :) My back up costume (and my original yet lame idea) was to be Snookie from Jersey Shore. I am very glad I thought of something else to be!!

Here are a couple sides of Snookie-- is she already dressing up for Halloween??

I had to make a few stops to put this costume together. Hooters for a shirt, Academy for the shorts (how freakin lucky am I found shorts that were almost the same color!!) and shoes, Halloween shop for wig, Walgreens for glasses, hose for my legs, hose for my boobies, and bird seed for my boobies. My biggest hurdle to this costume was figuring out a way to create saggy boobs. I tried socks, I tried convert various items in the house to saggy boobies but zero luck. I went in search online and found the idea to use bird seed and panty hose. It was like a light went off in my head, because it seemed so simple yet perfect!

I present to you.... Lt. Dangle and the Granny Hooters girl

The birthday couple... Chris and Lindsay. They found those heads at Goodwill for $10 :)

Ashley and Jason were Slash and Axl from Guns and Roses. Totally loved it!
Tyson was Willie Nelson and Nick was.....????... I have no idea what he was. We'll just call him a country bumpkin that came out to party for the night. Me, Lindsay and Ashley

There was a costume contest at the bar we were at... one winner from the ladies and one winner from the men. Here I was working the crowd trying to get them to applaud for me. At one point I was doing the running man bouncing my saggy boobies all over the place.
Ashley is working the crowd pretending to play the guitar
Ashley ended up winning the contest and I came in 2nd place. I thought my bouncy saggy boobies were going to win me the contest, but in a biker bar, Slash always comes in first. In the picture you'll see the scantly clad chick standing up there with us. She was pretty upset that she didn't win... I think she thought that her skimpy outfit and fake boobies would win the contest. Her fake boobies were NO contest for my fake boobies :)

For the guys contest, Jim pretended to arrest Cookie Monster..aka Chris... It got a lot of laughs from the crowd, but unfortunately for Jim, the guys announcing the contest didn't realize that Jim was already in the contest. Jim didn't win, Gumby won :( Jim was told by numerous people that he was robbed. I agree.

Our friends that were in the costume contest
Joe came out to the party at the UT game to enjoy a few beers and a handful of my saggy boobies

My boobies, Lauren and Lindsay
I found a stack of these serving trays towards the end of the night. Not only was it helpful to hold my beer, my "girls" also got to rest on the tray :)
Look, even Shrek made it to the party. Apparently Shrek is a bit of a perv and liked getting a handful of granny boobie
Ashley, Jason, Jim and I
Lauren the Cowgirl and Eric the professional poker player

Hmmmm.... something is off here

Our waitress wanted to get in one of our photos
My saggy breasts turned into Jim's saggy balls by the end of the night :)
What a totally fun night with friends, drinks and costumes!

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