Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Roundup

I was a single gal this weekend. Jim went on yet another bachelor party so I was by myself for a couple of days. I got a lot of stuff done around the house, got something to wear to the wedding next weekend, picked blueberries(will be on a different post), hung out with friends and even found time to relax!

On Friday night I met Dawn, Matt, Sarah and Orly at Club Deville to listen to a band, Peel, and for a surprise b-day party. I don't know the birthday boy all that well, but I went to hang with my peeps. There was a storm looming about so Dawn and I (being the weather dorks that we are) had our phones out checking the storms path. Luckily the storm stalled out in the hill country and only a few drops of rain fell on us. I had a nice relaxing night with friends and live music.

Me, Dawn and Sarah
Shot of the band (on the right in the red) and the cool natural rock wall behind them.

Dawn and Matt

Dawn and I

I had a little time to kill on Saturday before I met up with some of the girls for dinner so I went shopping at Stut. I rarely find clothes that fit me well, but I keep on trying :o) I didn't find anything that fit, but I did find the shoes below. They are pretty comfortable, but after wearing them for an hour or so, I couldn't get the back strap to stay. Pooh. But they worked just fine if I didn't try to use the strap.

Vanessa and Jennifer at Vino Vino. This was our first stop of the night. We thought we would have a glass or two of wine before we headed to dinner. Jennifer is getting married next weekend, so this was a nice night for her to relax and get away from the stress of getting ready for the wedding. Vino Vino was good, not great. They had a good selection of wine by the glass and a great selection of bottled wine, but they were a little pricey. Our waiter was kind of a douche, he had a really dry sense of humor and I think at times when he was trying to be funny he actually seemed like a jerk.
After drinks we went to Asti for dinner, which was really good. I look forward to heading back there with Jim.
Kayla, me and Tammy at Vino Vino

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