Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taylor and Chewie's Adventure

Taylor and Chewie had a big day out yesterday. We started at the vet, which is never a fun experience for the kids. They get poked, prodded, weighed, given shots, and felt up by the vet. Taylor is indifferent when we go to visit, but Chewie is terrified of the vet office. We think it is because we have kenneled them there before, so maybe he thinks we are going to leave him there again. We were surprised when we found out that Chewie is 80 pounds! My boy is growing up! :o) Actually we were told that both dogs are healthy but it might be beneficial to put them on a diet food since they are getting older and their metabolism is slowing down. After they were given a clean bill of health we headed over to Bull Creek Dog park for the kids to enjoy swimming and playing with other dogs. I love this park because it is so open and has lots of areas for the kids to enjoy. You do need to have a dog that will listen to you because it is not fenced in. Once the dogs started to slow down and look a bit tired, we headed home where they were given a bath. Quite the day for the doggies!

Waiting for the vet to come in... poor Chewie worked himself all up worrying. He kept trying to get out of the room.

Taylor is such a good doggie... Jim put her on top of the exam table and she just hung out up there.

As soon as we got to the dog park Taylor put her nose to the ground. I have to be very careful to keep an eye on her, because she will take off if she finds something good to smell and track.

The refreshing waters of Bull Creek

Jim and I kept cracking up because Taylor and Chewie looked like they were doing synchronized swimming down the creek. They stayed about a foot apart while moving up and down the creek swimming from side to side. Taylor is the big swimmer, and Chewie took a little longer to warm up to the water.

TThis is Moose, a 4 month old boxer mix, we met him at the dog park. He was such a ball of energy and would hop through the water much like a deer. He would follow Taylor and Chewie while they swam and played. Taylor was very tolerant of him, but Chewie had to put him in his place once or twice when he tried to jump up on me. My little boy was defending me :o) I ended up all wet, but that is what happens when you stand in a creek with dogs running around you.

Swimming along..... Moose is in the back swimming right behind Taylor

Taylor loves to just sit and lay in the water

Walking towards the deeper part of the creek

On our ride home.... at a stop light

After swimming through the creek water, we thought it would be a perfect time to take a bath! These guys have no issues running through water, but as soon as we give them a bath they dislike the water. Oh well. Now they smell nice and have a soft coat!


Mom said...

I love my BooBoo Kittie's

Dana said...

And they love their Nana :o)