Friday, June 05, 2009

Kitchen Ideas!

Now that we have the cabinet in at the bar area, it's time to figure out the counter tops, backsplash, and colors. I am so overwhelmed because I like so many color combinations as well as different textures and materials. So I went to the internet to see if I can find pictures of what I like. As you can see below I'm sticking with a similar style.... kind of a modern french country. I hope Jim agrees with the same things that I like!

I LOVE this kitchen. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. However, I think Jim would divorce me if I wanted to raise the roof in the kitchen. I also really like the colors in the kitchen, it seems really comfortable and inviting.
I think I found how I want to do our back splash. I really like how there is two types of tiles used. And I really like the counter top as well.

This is another favorite for backsplash, love the natural look

I was concerned about doing the colors in all tans and light colors, but after looking at a few pictures, I think would be a good way to go.
I like how well the colors go together in the kitchen below

The tiles below are kick ass... but pretty damn expensive.
This kitchen has a really good idea... a little cubby hole above the stove to hold the various spices or olive oil. I'm not sure if we could have made the hole in our kitchen since there is not a lot of space behind our stove.

I love the bright colors of this kitchen. I wish I could zoom in a little bit because I wanted to see the color of the tiles. They look greenish glass tiles but they also look like they sparkle a bit.
When I first started looking at photos, I liked the backsplash below but now I think it is slightly plain. Still nice, but I want a little more detail.
The diamond shape tiles are a change from the typical square

I like the pattern of the tiles, not really the color. If there was a mix of creams, browns and tans then I would probably really like this for a back splash. I'm guessing that these tiles are not exactly economical.

So these tiles below have nothing to do with kitchens, but I LOVE THEM. How cute are they! I like it for a little detail in a bathroom. These are crazy expensive...something like $30 per 12 inch by 12 inch sheet.

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