Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Raspberry Moijto Yumminess

It is summer time and our mint plant has finally started to sprout some really big leaves. Time to put them to good use. I found a good deal on raspberries at the grocery store that I was going to use for a fruit salad, but then I remembered our freshly sprouted mint. Time for a drinky poo! :o)

Raspberry Moijto

Handful fresh mint leaves ( we used 3 to 4 large leafs)
3-4 raspberries
Juice of half of a lime (more if you want it tart)
couple of splashes of sugar water
1.5 oz rum (we use Bacardi)
splash of club soda

In the glass, muddle together the mint, raspberries, lime juice and sugar water. Put the rum and ice cubes in a shaker, shake for 15 seconds. Pour into the glass with the mint mix, and top with club soda. We wanted it mixed a little more so we poured our glass into another one, then back into the original glass. It worked well because it was mixed very well.

I will say that the drink was tasty but it wasn't super raspberry unless you got a piece of fruit. Hmmmm... we'll tweak it to see if we can get a little more fruit flavor!


Mom said...

Can't wait to try one when we come to visit....and the pork chops too.

Dana said...

I think you would really like it!