Sunday, June 21, 2009

Charlie and Jens Wedding

Last night a couple of our friends were married at the Oasis. The Oasis is a beautiful venue for a wedding since it overlooks Lake Travis. There were quite a few people (a little over 200 peeps) at the wedding, and we were able to hang out with some friends that we only see once or twice a year since they don't live in Austin. Of course, then we hung with our friends and probably embarrassed each other quite a few times. Ahh.... good times!

Jennifer and her dad walking down the isle. I didn't get many pictures of the ceremony because the sun was shining right into our eyes and there was a pole in my way. I feel really bad for the entire wedding party because it was around 100 degrees and they were in the sun during the ceremony. Jennifer and her bridesmaids

The hubster and I. My dress is actually dark green, but because the layer below the green fabric is gold it shined through in all of the pictures

Lindsey, Ashley and I

Sunset over Lake Travis

John, Tammy and JimAshley, me, Lindsey and Vanessa
You'll notice that the photos all start to look the same... couples with the lake and the sunset behind them. I ended up taking peoples pictures right and left, directing them and making them look pretty :o)
Ashley and Jason

Matt and Vanessa

Jim and greasy face... I mean, me.

Joe, Nick, John, Jason, Jim and Chris

Vanessa and I

Our dear friends... the normal picture
Our friends.... the freaky picture. As you can see the ladies new how to jazz up a photo, but the boys didn't really know what to do.
Seriously... this is the most women I have seen go for the bouquet. You know they are all freakin young and giddy to get the bouquet. I know I had some friends who were standing to the side hoping that they would not catch it.

Hanging out around the bar

us with the happy couple

Jen and Charlie's farewell


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Awesome dress woman!!!!

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Thank you!