Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love this time of the year because we are visited by frogs!! We haven't seen as many as we have in the past, not sure if that has to do with the lack of rain or I just haven't seen them. I hear them almost every night croaking away in the back yard. I should check my potted plants because they usually like to create a home in the dirt.

Chewie is very interested in the frogs. He can't figure them out and is always surprised when they try to jump away. He tries to paw at them, but he doesn't realize that with one swipe he could potentially smoosh the little guys.

He slowly put his paw out and scratched at the ground around the frog. I think he probably would have tried more if I hadn't told him just to look. I'm sure he had no clue what I said but he understood the tone.
A couple of years ago our next door neighbor dogs got a frog and attempted to eat it, but he started to foam at the mouth. I guess the frogs have some type of defense mechanism that makes them taste really bad and makes the dogs (or whatever tries to eat it) foam at the mouth. Poor little Oscar had continuous foam coming out of his mouth for at least 5 minutes. Looked sooooooo gross, but my neighbor (who witnessed everything) didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I would have been FREAKING out. :o)


Nicole said...

Yes, frogs have a poison that is not good for dogs. Do not let your dogs try to eat a frog. :-)

Mom said...

Yes I just saw it on Dog the Bounty of my favs...their dog bit a frog?? almost died....I didn't see the beginning of the show so not totally sure of the issue, but it had to do with a frog:)