Monday, April 13, 2009

A weekend's worth of photos

I was given a free pair of tickets to the Round Rock Express game for Saturday night... they were AWESOME seats.

The Budweiser Clydesdale's were in the parking lot for all to see. They were huge.
This picture cracked me up a little bit..... My brothers name near a horses ass :o)

We were only 3 rows back from the dugout at the game. We had two foul balls that were close to us... kind of scary every time a left hander came to bat

Saturday started with thunderstorms. It was so dark and dreary that I never thought they would go away... but after 11am the weather was completely different... sunny and nice

Poor poopa just wanted to take his Frisbee out and play when it was raining

Sunday Brunch! We originally wanted to go to Moonshine, but the line was way to long. So we headed over to Iron Cactus for brunch. They have decent food and $4.95 unlimited mimosa's. HOWEVER, after our 2nd glass they informed us that they ran out of champagne. Umm what the fuck? Really? It's only 1pm on Sunday. They tried to give us OJ and white wine, but it just isn't the same. I thought about raising a stink, but I wasn't in the mood.

Overall the food was decent... I stuck with breakfast food, but they also had prime rib, cheese enchilada's, some type of spicy chicken and pasta, chicken mole, salad's, soup and plenty of desserts. My favorite was the the huevo's ranchero's (in the picture it is on the bottom right, with the red salsa). It was a thick tortilla chip with a poached egg, topped with ranchero sauce... YUM!
Cinnamon buns... my other pictures of the desserts didn't show up. I was good and only grabbed a little dessert and took one bite.

We couldn't just sit around after that huge brunch, so after the food has digested we went on a bike ride. I wish I knew how far we went, but we rode for about an hour up and down big hills that had my thighs were burning

Self portrait of me!

Not a flattering picture... but look Ma, I wore my helmet
It was very hard to take pictures and ride, but I still tried. I only got a few off while riding.. the trail was bumpy and all types of branches and tree trunks were right along the trail.
That's Jim on hill waiting for me. I loved all of the trees back on the trail. If it was closer to the parking lot, this would be a GREAT area for family photos! :o) But it would probably be a 30 minute hike from the car.


Hannah said...

Iron Cactus is one of my favorite brunches. But, you got seriously robbed! That sucks!
Your mom should be proud. Maybe I should be inspired by you because I still don't wear my helmet.

Dana said...

well.. my mom should be a little proud.. I don't wear mine when I ride my bike around the neighborhood. Only when I have potential to flip over on rugged trails :o)