Thursday, April 30, 2009

Restaurant Review

San Francisco Bakery and Cafe

2900 w. Anderson Ln Ste L

Austin, 78757

I love sandwiches, and I love when I find new (to me) local sandwich shops near my house! Since this location is tucked away behind a CVS on Anderson Ln, I always forget about it. Now that I have tasted the goodness, I won't be forgetting about this little shop! I ordered the Santa Clara sandwich, which had turkey, provolone, bacon, avocado, lettuce and sprouts. Sure, add bacon to anything and it tastes fantastic but this sandwich was very good. I do have one gripe... they don't have onions. I know I can survive eating a sandwich without onions, but to me, onions are a sandwich staple. The wheat bread had a crusty crust but the bread was soft and fluffy. But it wasn't so soft that it got stuck to the roof of your mouth every time you took a bite I ordered a small Caesar salad with the sandwich, and it was good not great. The dressing was so peppery that it was hard to taste anything else. For the sandwich and salad, I paid a little over $9... kind of expensive for lunch so next time I'll stick to just the sandwich since the salad was just okay. Aside from sandwiches, salads and soups they also sell Danishes (which looked fabulous), bread and breakfast foods!I don't always have cash on hand, but when I do I'll be going back!

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