Sunday, April 05, 2009

Torchy's Tacos

We ate at Torchy's on Saturday for lunch and it is so damn good! I normally get the same thing when I go, the Ranch Hand, but this time I decided to try something REALLY different. I got the "Dirty Sanchez" (hehehehe) which is a taco filled with eggs, guacamole, slivers of carrots, fried poblano pepper strip, cheese and their creamy jalapeno sauce. It sounds really weird, but I promise that it is tasty!!! Jim ordered the shrimp taco and the beef fajita tacos. We love the shrimp tacos at Chuy's so the bar was set pretty high for this little taco... and it wasn't quite as good as Chuys. We went to the location on Guadalupe, which is super tiny. We ended up eating our tacos outside on the back of Jim's truck. Slightly white trash but we needed some place to eat. Plus we were able to enjoy the great weather.

Jim's beef fajita taco

The Dirty Sanchez... I was good and didn't eat the tortilla!

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