Friday, April 10, 2009

Creepy Little Critter

As I pulled into our driveway tonight, I noticed two little beady eyes staring at me. Interesting. The first thought through my mind was.."do I have my camera with me?".. and yes I did. So I took a few pictures from inside my car, but I was unhappy with the quality. My windshield isn't the cleanest right now. I opened my car door slowly, and got out of the car slowly, and took a few pictures. The opossum didn't move... so I moved towards it... you know to get a better shot :o) I hid a little bit around the corner of the garage, so the creature didn't have a full view of me if it wanted to attack.

Jim told me that our neighbors dog chased the opossum up there and was now stalking him. Riggs (the neighbors dog) is a pointer and kept pointing at the opossum while looking at Jim.. as if to say... Hey Buddy... can you get that creature down here for me?
The little guy went on his way about an hour later... hopefully he won't be back!

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