Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holy Bat Guano

As we were driving to Jim's softball game last night, I saw what I thought was smoke. Turns out it was a shitload of bats leaving their home that they made under a bridge on I-35. It was amazing to watch them fly away. I rolled the window down to take the pictures and was assaulted by the smell of bat poo-poo. Wow.. those little guys STINK! I will probably drive up there to get some pictures one of these days.

Here are some pictures I got while we were driving by..


Hannah said...

Ha. You saw the famous McNeil Bridge Bats. You can park right beside the bridge in a vacated lot to watch them and take some pics. I would love to see them. Wear protective clothing and a mask. =o

Dana said...

I have gone to the Congress Bridge to see the bats, but it seemed like their were way more bats bats under the McNeil bridge