Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 3

Today was a good day! We started off with garage sales... which we found a few good sales, but nothing that we really wanted. Then we headed off to the Farmers Market at the Tony Burger Center (no freakin idea who Tony is). This farmers market had a few more vendors than the farmers market downtown. This weekend was also the weekend for the art fair next to the farmers market. So much to see and do before 10am!!
We hit up a few more shops in the downtown area then went over to see the Chinese Boat Races. I thought this would be a little more neat to watch... a little more flair... a little more than a 2 minute boat race. Oh well.. you live and you learn. We did get to watch some kung-fu show, which was really neat to watch. Mom and I then started to do our own tricks before mom threw out her back and I pulled my hammie. :o)
Our afternoon/evening was pretty low key.... made some boogers (as in hamburger) for dinner, watched a little of the NFL draft, and then mom and I did a little shopping at the Domain.

Pop Pop enjoying the sun on the porch
Farmers Market... we picked up some brussel spouts.... I can't wait to cook them up
Random dude with his butterfly bike... I'll be buying one for Jim for Christmas :o)
Mummy posing at the Farmers Market

Mom near Town Lake (it just doesn't feel like Lady Bird Lake... not yet at least)

While we were waiting for the Chinese dragon boat race to start, I got a little bored. I thought it would be slightly funny to push mom into the lake. I kid, I kid.... no mom's were hurt in the making of this photo

The boat race

Martial Arts Exhibition


This alligator head flew off of the clearance shelf to attack me

The Jersey salute
Mum and Jim

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