Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brush Recycling Center

Awhile back we trimmed all of our tree's in our yard but didn't do anything with the branches that we cut off. They have been sitting on the side of our house, which is the white trash way. We finally loaded up the truck with the branches and headed out to a recycling center in Round Rock. They take our branches and turn it into mulch. If you are a resident of Round Rock, then you can get FREE mulch as well as dropping off your branches. You do all of the work..... you take the branches out of your truck and throw them in the pile and you scoop up your own mulch, but it is worth it. Jim has taken our branches to the city dump before, and it cost more and isn't as good for the environment.

Information from Round Rocks website....

The Urban Forestry Division has recycled brush at the Brush Recycling Center since October 2000. The City of Round Rock Recycling Center is located at 310 Deepwood Drive, across the street from the Micki Krebsbach Swimming Pool and the Round Rock High School Practice Fields.

Hours of operation:Closed Sunday9 am - 6 pm Monday- Saturday

Accepted: tree trimmings, branches, limbs, and other parts of shrubs and trees.

Not accepted: leaves, grass, landscape waste (palm trees, cacti, compost), tree stumps, treated wood such as telephone poles, railroad ties, lumber, demolition debris, rock, concrete, hazardous waste, and household garbage.

Fee Information: (Residents must live inside Round Rock City limits and must prove residency to qualify for free drop off). . A cubic yard of brush is measured by multiplying height X width X length divided by 27. Height, width, and length are measured in feet (12 inches).

Load Size

Small Load (less than 2 cubic yards of brush)
Residents: No Charge
Non-Residents $15 per load

Medium Load (between 2 and 4 cubic yards of brush)
Residents: $20 per load
Non-Residents: $20 per load

Large Load (more than 4 cubic yards of brush
Residents: $40 per load
Non-Residents: $40 per load

Note: a cubic yard is measured by (height x width x length)/27. Height, width and length are measured in feet.
Residential Curbside Pick Up

Dropping off our branches

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