Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm heading over to Ritz at lunch to check out the "substantial discounts" to see if it is worth it or not to buy from them. I have had my eye on a wide angle lens and if it is cheap enough I'll be making a purchase today!


Ritz, Wolf Camera Store Closings Include Austin

As part of its bankruptcy reorganization, national specialty camera retailer Ritz Camera is closing nearly over 300 of its stores, leaving just over half of its current outlets open.

Locally, the Ritz Camera at Tech Ridge Center Park and the Wolf Camera locations at Braker Village Shopping Ctr and downtown (Congress Ave) will be closed.

As all affected stores are to liquidate their inventory, they're touting "substantial discounts" at these locations, starting tomorrow, April 4.
[Full list of national store closures (pdf)]

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