Sunday, April 05, 2009

My First Pig Roast

We went with a few friends out to Spicewood Vineyard's pig roast this weekend. We didn't really know what to expect except what was written on their website. It was a fairly good deal,, $45 gets you dinner for two as well as a bottle of wine. Sounds good to me!

There were many large round tables up around the front of their vineyard with music duo in the middle. Nicole and Steven got their early and got a table for us. We picked out our bottle of wine then went back to the table to hang with our peeps. After 20 minutes or so we noticed that people were making their way to the buffet line to get food, so like cows, we followed the heard. I was disappointed that the pig wasn't out on display. Sure I know they needed to cut it up so we can eat it, but I wanted to see some type of carcass... does that make me weird? Don't answer that :o). We ate our food and the potato salad and salad were the highlights. The meat was good and moist but it lacked flavor. There was a cherry BBQ sauce that went with the meat, but that also was kind of bland... no kick, no sweet (I would assume since it was "cherry"), no spice what so ever.

We had a good time, but I think that was due to the company we were in. I don't think we'll go to this next year, but I'm still up for other pig roasts :o)

I broke my "diet" to eat at the pig roast on Saturday. I had successfully went almost all week with very little carbs but I quickly realized that it wasn't going to happen tonight. Since the potato salad was fantastic, I'll approve my mini-stray from my diet :o)

If I was going to be bad,,,, then I am going to be bad. The dessert was a strawberry cobbler

Steven and Nicole

Matt and Courtney

The ladies

Nicole was very happy to win a game of washers :o)

A couple of artistic shots of my Ace Pear Cider near the fire pit at Little Woodrows out on 71

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