Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ACL Festival.... to go or not to go

Jim and I swore off ACL this year since we went last year. I love the 3 days of listening to live music and hanging out with friends, but I don't love the crowds, the dust, the cost and the exhaustion that follows 3 days of sun, music, and beer. The line up is better than last year, but I don't' think it will be enough to go for 3 days. We are considering going on Friday, when it isn't as busy at the festival. Saturday last year was horrendous when you were trying to walk from stage to stage. We got stuck in a monster crowd walking from the stage that MGMT was playing on to the stage that Robert Plant and Allison Krause was playing on. Literally stuck... we couldn't move one way or the other... we just kind of moved with the crowd. It was nuts. Thank god I'm not claustrophobic, because I would have had a total melt down.

I haven't really looked into the entire band list, but I would like to see:

Pearl Jam
Beastie Boys
Kings of Leon
Dave Matthews Band (I could take them or leave them, but if nobody else was playing, then I would watch them)
Ghostland Observatory
Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears

I'm sure there are other great bands playing but those are the bands that stuck out to me. With my luck all of those bands will be playing on Saturday and Sundy :o)

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Dawn said...

We are having the same conflict. Plus it's our wedding anniversary on Sunday. Damn this awesome lineup!