Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zilker Kite Festival

On Sunday I went down to Zilker to check out the kite festival. There were sooooo many kites being flown! The festival started at 10am and I got there around 11am. People must have shown up early because there were a ton of people there. There were little home made kites all the way up to the HUGE kites that had to be staked into the ground to keep them from floating away.

Cool pirate kite

Another pirate kite

What a cute little puppy dog! She had her little sweater on

Seriously... there were some damn cute dogs at the festival
No idea what a pink flamingo is doing at the festival, but I think I might have to get a few for the backyard... I like him

The Austin Greyhound Rescue was at the festival, so of course I stopped to pet the pooches

This kite had to at least been 100 feet long


I had to park near Town Lake (yeah, I know it is now Lady Bird Lake, but I can't get used to calling it that) so I stopped along the way to take some photos. I climbed down an embankment and had some fun near some type of drainage structure. I was going to take a picture with me, but I just now figured out that I don't know how to find the self timer on my new camera. Damn.

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Hannah said...

Man! Your kite festival was definitely more entertaining than ours! Hannah would have LOVED it since she is totally into kites right now. I will have to show her your pictures!!!