Saturday, March 21, 2009


Our first night at SXSW was fun. We started out by the free show at Auditorium Shores and listed to two bands before we moved on to 6th street. We didn't have a plan but it wasn't from a lack of trying. I searched through the free shows and tried to figure out where to go, but when you aren't really looking for a specific band then you are just guessing. I gave up after a few hours of research and thought that we would just go down there and see what would happen.

We made a stop at Shakespeare's Pub to get a drink (we had a long walk from Auditorium Shores) and rest a bit. We got lucky and found a table to sit at. The first band we watched was musically fantastic. The guitar player had some skills.... but the vocals were pretty bad. We stayed for a couple beers because we were happy to find the table :o) After Shakespeare's we walked down 6th street and went into Moosekuckle. No band was playing but every other place with a band was totally packed. We ended up giving up since we knew we would be heading down there on Friday.

View from the outdoor show. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted... it was to dark and dusty to get any good shows.


Half Guinness and Ace Pear Cider

I'm pretty sure we saw Ange Boxall while at Shakespeare's

Neat water feature at Auditorium Shores... I think it is supposed to be a cowboy hat

Neat water feature near the Palmer Event Center.... kids were running around playing in the water.

This chick was playing her little flute type instrument

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