Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's Day Fun

Ahhhh.. St. Patty's Day. We have so much fun on St. Patty's Day hanging out with our friends, drinking beer and listening to live music. The bar we went to was packed but eventually thinned out after about an hour or so. They have live music in the back under a tent that stared out with Irish music, then moved on to kind of a bluesy sound band. We found an area to stand around and chat for a couple of hours. We headed over to Ranch 616, which wasn't much fun because they were freakin packed with annoying co-eds in little dresses and their meat-head boyfriends. We stayed for a drink before we decided to head home. Overall a good time was had!

St. Patty's Day crew... Chris, Lindsey, me, Nick, Jim and Joe

I loved my beer glasses.... great find at Target, only a buck!

One band consisted of 6 or so bag pipe players with a drum group

Lindsey and "the thinking man" also known as Chris

This was the most expensive Irish car bomb that I have ever bought. I was PISSED when I saw how small it was for the price. (the Irish car bomb is the small glass.... that is the entire thing, the other glass is my other beer... yeah I was two fisting it)

View from Ranch 616... the only good thing about this bar


Hannah said...

Hey.. we used to be those co-eds with meathead boyfriends back in the day. Don't forget your roots! =)))

Dana said...

naaaaaawwwwww..... we were WAY cooler than those co-eds :o)