Friday, March 06, 2009


Day light savings happens on Saturday night at 2am (really it is super early Sunday morning)

Interesting Tid-Bit's about Day Light Savings

Taking Credit
Benjamin Franklin is credited with first proposing the idea of Daylight Saving Time in 1784. He hoped to save on candles.The United States didn't get around to even agreeing on what Standard Time was until 1883, when the railroads clamored for some uniformity. Daylight Saving Time as we now know it was signed into law in with the Uniform Time Act of 1966. Before that act, someone traveling a 35-mile stretch of Highway 2 in West Virginia and Ohio would have had to change a watch setting SEVEN times to remain current.

Anti-Terror Device
In September 1999, Palestinians living on West Bank were on Daylight Saving Time while the Israeli government had already switched back to Standard Time. When terrorists smuggled in time bombs, they exploded one hour early, killing three plotters instead of two busloads of people.

Why Two in the Morning?
In the U.S., 2 a.m. was originally chosen for clock changing time because most people were asleep at that hour, whether they lived on either coast, or somewhere in between. It was also the time the fewest trains were running. Today it gives computer help desks enough time to reset sensitive systems, but it's still early enough for the entire continental U.S. to switch by daybreak. By not occurring at midnight, it prevents the scenario of today changing ever so briefly back to yesterday

Exceptions to the Rule
On April 2, 2006, the entire state of Indiana joined 48 other states in observing Daylight Saving Time. Previously many counties remained on standard time. Daylight Saving Time is still not observed in Hawaii and most of Arizona. The exception in Arizona is the Navajo Nation, which also extends into Utah and New Mexico.

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