Sunday, March 01, 2009


I was cleaning out some photos, when I came across a box of photos that cracked me up as I was looking at them. Some were really embarrassing because my bangs were sky high or because of the clothes I was wearing :o) Maybe one day I'll post those.... maybe.... if you paid me.

I was in either 2nd or 3rd grade in this picture. We were walking down Mill St. in Tempe for a parade. I was with my Brownie troop, and I am holding the hand of my elementary school best friend, Jill.
Ah yes.... my cheerleader days. This was in Junior High, and was my only year I did cheer. It is hard to see, but I am on the left hand side of the picture holding up the middle girl with her arms in a V formation. We had a pretty good time, and came in the top 5 teams in Arizona when we went to state.

This was taken after a Powder Puff Flag football game. The Junior and Senior girls played every year. This was my senior year, after the game eating pizza.

Wow... check out the hair! This was our Junior High graduation. I have no idea why we are so dressed up, but I guess it was a big day for us. From left to right... .Jessica, Lacy, Kathy, Me, and Stephanie.

Each summer I played on a softball team that travelled around Arizona to play in tournaments. This team was made up of the girls that I played softball with during High School. It was a great way to hang out with friends, play softball and travel. This picture was taken in Flagstaff (about 2 hours from Phx) on one of the girls families vacation home. Half of us slept in the living room, the other half wanted to sleep outside on the upstairs porch. We had such a great time that summer!

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