Wednesday, March 25, 2009

John and Tammy's Rehearsal Dinner

Our Friday was jammed packed with stuff to do..... started with SXSW, then off to the rehearsal dinner, then off to Sarah's party. Whew... I was muy tired after Friday. The girls met up at the house before the dinner while the boys were off at the church being told how to walk in the church and what to do their hands.

Chewie wasn't sure what to do with Jackson... he kept walking up and sniffing him. I think he really wanted to play with him but didn't understand that Jackson is still 6 months away from walking around
Man... Jackson is starting early... wanted a nip from mom's margarita

Note to self... when wearing a flowing shirt,,, stand straight so you don't look 7 months pregnant.
Me, Lindsey, Vanessa holding Jackson, Tammy and Ashley
The boys were just given their groomsmen presents... a backpack that is a cooler... they all jumped around like little girls that were just given A Barbie doll
Vanessa and Jen

Mike (or Charlie), John, Nick, and Charlie (or Mike). Sorry guys... I still can't tell you apart in pictures. I'm a bad friend.John and Tammy giving a speech
Jen, me and Jackson, and Vanessa. Can you tell that Jackson kept the attention of most of the women at the party? That little guy gave my arms a work out.. he is 22 pounds!

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