Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chris Cornell-- yeah that's right

Last night was the Chris Cornell concert at Stubbs. The tickets were a b-day present to Jim, who loves Chris Cornell. Chris Cornell has played in the bands Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave as well as having an extensive solo career. He has an amazing voice that has a 4 octave vocal range and is powerful. He played songs from all bands that he has played in.... it brought back so many memories! :) Stubbs was packed, so for a short gal that meant that I got stuck behind tall people. I saw most of the concert but there were times I couldn't see past the dude's head in front of me.

My little camera doesn't do well in low light so my pictures are a little fuzzy but of course I took a ton. I also used the record button on the camera to record a couple of songs. I'll try to post those later.

Before the concert we ate at Ruby's BBQ... not to be mixed up with Rudy's BBQ. We both ordered the mix plate with St. Louis ribs and brisket. I was really disappointed with the ribs.. they were so damn dry that they were borderline jerkey. The sides were good and the brisket was good as well. But when we eat BBQ we love our ribs, so I doubt that we will be back after this experience. Plus we paid almost $40 for two plates of food and two beers.... if the BBQ was lick your fingers and plate good, then it would be worth it.

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