Sunday, March 08, 2009

Impromptu Wine Tour

The stars aligned on Sunday making it a perfect day for a day trip! We didn't have anything to do on Sunday, the weather was perfect, and we decided to have some "us" time so we packed up some things and jumped in the truck. We decided to visit some wineries around the Spicewood area. It's not really far from Austin (about 45 minutes away) and it is an easy drive. We found 3 wineries to check out... McReynolds, Spicewood Wineries, and Stone House.

The first winery was....umm.... odd. It was in the middle of nowhere, and when you pulled up you weren't entirely sure where to go. But one worker came running out of the house waving her hands to let us know that they were open, but she had a dog run out with her that was barking. Huh... Okay, whateva. We got out of the truck and headed into their wine tasting room. The lady pouring the wine was a hoot and didn't really have a "filter" when she talked. Telling us that if she can down a shot of tequila then she can finish any wine tasting no matter how bad it was :) Her attitude/outlook on life added to the experience. But the wines just weren't good... they were very dry and not very flavorful. She said that the wine maker doesn't age his wine as long as other wineries and also does something different when he strains the wine. We won't be going back to this winery, but at least we can say we visited.

McReynolds winery did have a great porch off of their wine tasting room.

In between McReynolds winery and Spicewood Vineyards was a long and windy road that consisted of a lot of cattle gates, creeks, and plenty of large farm animals. We encountered a few cows that were walking along the streets.

This guy was behind a fence, but we stopped the truck and I jumped out to take a couple of photos of the big guy. He was just hanging out sunning himself, and didn't seem to mind that I was about 5 feet from him (on the other side of the big fence!!!). I kept trying to get Jim to hop the fence and sit on him for a cool picture, but he wouldn't do it. :(

Yes, this is a picture of a bathroom faucet. I loved the color of the tiles and the grey metal wall in the background.
Another moo-moo walking down the street.

Spicewood Vineyard was very nice and had plenty of good wine to taste. I believe that it was $2 per person for 7 wine tastings (3 white, 4 red). We ended up buying two bottles from here. The facility where you tried wine was large and updated and the guy that helped us was very knowledgeable.


Another moo-moo in the road... this guy looked at us coming, stood there for a second then decided to move over to the side. I'm not sure what we would have done if he didn't move... but I would have urged Jim to go out to try to push him :o)

How cute are these two?? Once again while driving down this little road (at one point it was CR 408 and CR409, but it changed names a couple of times) we found plenty of animals that were dying to have their picture taken.

I'm sure this will be much prettier in the spring when these trees have leaves. There were some decent sized fish swimming in the water. I tried to get a picture, but the water was to murky to see.

Stone House was the last winery that we visited. This was a good place to end the day on. They charged $5 a person to taste 5 wines. They had a really good Temtreillio (not sure on the spelling of that). We ended up buying a couple of glasses and enjoying them on their porch in the back that over looks part of their vineyard and a little bit of Lake Travis.

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