Thursday, March 26, 2009

John and Tammy's Wedding

I did something very un-Dana like at the wedding.... I left the my camera battery at the house. I had the camera, but the battery was still charging. I was so pissed at myself for forgetting that. I never do that, but I guess since I was in a hurry to get ready and meet up with the girls, I overlooked that very important aspect of my daily life. Oh well... So no wedding photos, but I have plenty of reception photos.

The sunset was beautiful that day! (taken on the top floor of the parking garage at the Radisson, downtown)

Jason, Chris and Jimmy.... some of the groomsmen

The Wife and Groom

Lindsey, me, Ashley and Vanessa
Our sweet ass legs, and Jason's kind of sexy white leg with the black socks

Jim and I

We clean up nice!!

I love this photo!

The big joke was that Chris kept doing this while at the rehearsal because he didn't know what to do with hands while standing in the groomsman line

Oh yea.... that's right.... we are DAMN SEXY with our spanx on. I hope to ditch my spanx over the next few months
Chris, Whitney, Vanessa, Jen and Joe

HILARIOUS!! Poor Ashley was just reaching on the floor for her purse when Jason took the opportunity to make a simple gesture look like a dirty act... especially at a wedding. One of the older guests watched Jason do this then shook his head... we couldn't stop laughing. We are inappropriate,,, and I LOVE IT

Chris, Lindsey, Chris and Jason

John's wedding cake... the Lone Star beers were real, but we weren't sure what the ice is made of.. we are guessing plastic. Unique idea for a cake

Vanessa and I

Nick and Chris
After the wedding at the hotel bar... unfortunately the picture didn't get everybody... there is another 8 or so people to the right of this photo
Me, Jim and Chris

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Hannah said...

OMG that picture of Jason and Ashley are classic Coppi! It's like a Credit Card Commercial!
Black Purse- $200
Black dress-$100
blah blah blah! Priceless!