Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ugly is the new black

Last night was our first ugly Christmas sweater party, and we had a grand ol' time! I searched through a couple of Goodwill's and a thrift store to find our ensembles. I actually found a really ugly sweater on e-bay for Jim, but it is still in transit to the house. He will have to use it next year. My sweater was a tad bit large, but it worked. Jim's outfit was perfected by the Santa pimp hat that my mom bought for him. It was pure luck that she found it and bought it for him, because she didn't know about the ugly Christmas party.
Me, Sarah, Orly, and Jim da Pimp
Matt "Eddie from Christmas Vacation" and Dawn, the gracious hosts
Sarah, Dawn and I. Sarah had little "kids" hanging off of her sweater and Dawn's sweater had lights. I only had little snowmen sliding down my sweater.
Sarah's sweater

Jim singing karaoke

We took a little trip in Sarah's car looking for ping pong balls during the party. So I thought I would enjoy the child car seat on the trip. It was a little snug, but I got there safe and sound :)


Dawnita said...

Oh the pictures are so horrendous!!

Hannah said...

I love it!!! What a fun idea and great pictures.

Dana said...

Dawn--- wasn't that the purpose of an ugly sweater party.... to look horrendous??? :o) Trust me... I left out the really bad pictures.