Friday, December 19, 2008

Foggy Day

Yesterday was a very foggy day. Of course my first thought is that I need to take pictures. The last time it was foggy like this (at least a few years ago) I was off and headed down to Town Lake to take pictures. I had to work yesterday but I used my lunch time to go take pictures around Mt. Bonnell and the 360 bridge. Mt. Bonnell was completely covered in fog. I took a few pictures but you can only see a couple of trees in front of a white cloud. So I headed down to the 360 bridge to take a few photos....

The road next to our neighborhood.. around 7:45 am

Overlooking Lake Austin.... I took a little path that was right off of 360... I was wearing tennis shoes (that luckily were in my car) along with my dress slacks. I looked hawt! Sarah says I need to wear some type of GPS tracker in case I ever get lost while taking pictures :)
I really like this picture. If I had more time and if I was dressed in something that was more appropriate then I would have liked to have climbed down to the water to get some shots. But I was slightly worried about getting really dirty since it didn't look like an easy climb.

2222 near 360

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Sarah said...

I like those pics! They look kinda eerie though.