Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear TV Executive,

Hi, I'm here to remind you that it is the week before Christmas. I thought you may have forgotten because as I searched for any type of Christmas movie on TV I didn't find anything except for the lame made for TV movies on Lifetime. No Grinch (either the original or remake), no Scrooge (none of the 26 remakes), no Miracle on 34th street, no Frosty the Snowman, no National Lampoons Vacation, no Bad Santa, no It's a Wonderful Life. Nada, nutin, nothing. I will say that your numerous showings of Elf have been nice, but I can only watch that so many times. I have left of A Christmas Story off of the list because I know you guys show it for 24 hours on either Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day. I'm cool with that cause I enjoy that show and most people are busy on those two days so giving them 24 hours to watch it will ensure everybody will have a chance.

I know I saw these movies on TV but it was in early December. But to not have one single Christmas movie on Saturday or Sunday night before Christmas is a little un-American. So can you please take off Saved By the Bell or one of the gazillion Law and Orders off of the air for a few days and replace them with some holiday movies. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You,

A lady trying to get into the holiday spirit

UPDATE: The TV gods must have heard my cries because the original Grinch was on TV tonight.... FANTASTIC! I love that cartoon.

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