Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hello to my loyal blog readers!!!

As most of you know I have been out of town enjoying the East Coast life. What does that mean???? That means that you get fantastic coffee, Tastycakes, sandwiches from Wawa, you are able to take public transportation because it is so easy to do, take the train to NYC, play "spot the mullets" since they are all over, have somebody pump your gas (cause you aren't allowed to in NJ), don't think twice when you buy soft pretzels from the guy on the street, learn not to leave stuff on the radiator or it can/will melt, cold ass weather (and snow!!!), cheesesteaks, old town charm, and many many many other fantastic restaurants, food places, events and of course family!!

I took a gazillion pictures, but I am going to need a few days to get them uploaded and posted!!!

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