Monday, December 29, 2008


I am quite excited that the moons aligned and Philly made it into the playoffs. Wow. They needed help from a few other teams and they got it while they embarrassed the Cowgirls. Santa gave me a late Christmas present!! :)

Here are some of the headlines from today that made me smile.....

  • Eagles stomp Cowboy's 44-6 to clinch playoff berth

  • For team of destiny, the rout to the playoffs

  • Eagles fans gloom turns to euphoria

  • Eagles defense provides reminder of just how good it is

  • Eagles are wild

  • Win over Cowboys could make any Eagles fan believe in Santa

  • Another meltdown by Romo, Cowboys

  • Birds favored by 3 over Vikings (the team they play in the next game)

Next Sunday will be a big day!!! I would love another win from the Birds!!!

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