Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yeah... I wish I can DANCE!!!!

I absolutely love So You Think You Can Dance. I wait for it each year and love every minute of it. I secretly wish that I could dance as well as these ladies and I try to prove it when I am alone in my living room :). The top 6 show was tonight, and I think that all of the dancers deserve to be there. I won't give anything away... but I know who is in the top 4. I really can't figure out who will win, all dancers have good and bad aspects.
So, the So You Think You Can Dance tour is FINALLY coming through Austin this year... and guess what.... I AM OUT OF FUCKING TOWN. I am happy that I will be in San Francisco with my family(which will be a fantastic time), but I am terribly upset that I will miss the tour. My husband is totally disappointed in me that I actually wanted to go. He is nowhere near the fan of the show that I am. He can stand watching about 5 minutes before he gets bored.
I still have to break it to my husband that I will not be going to his softball game next week, because of the So You Think You Can Dance finale. I love going to his games and hanging out with the ladies... but I only get my dance show a limited time each year!!! :)

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