Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hello All!

I haven't forgotten about my wee little blog, but life has been pretty busy. At work we had this little product called the iPhone come out which has kept me running around in all directions at the same time. And then at home the husband is switching out some pipes in our laundry room and that hasn't gone well. We keep sprouting leaks and the repairs don't seem to work. We are a second away from calling a plumber. Well, at least I am a second away from calling a plumber. We haven't had running water since Sunday. We'll turn the water on every once in awhile to test out the pipes, and that is when I quickly do dishes or flush the random toilet. :) Don't fear, we do turn on the water in the morning so we can get ready for work, we just have to wrap the pipes in towels so it doesn't get to wet. I totally LOVE house repairs!!!

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