Sunday, July 06, 2008

Treats for the lake

Normally when we head to the lake, we bring plenty of liquids.... beer, water and some type of soda. We also bring a sandwich and some munchies. This time around we also brought some jello shots. I haven't made these before, but I had plenty of help. I have lots of friends that have made these in the past. To make a jello shot, you substitute half of the water for vodka. Now, I have heard of people making it with 100% vodka, but then it doesn't get firm and it packs quite a punch. Jim and I went to the grocery store, and settled on peach, berry, strawberry and lime jello. It didn't take very long to make... maybe 40 minutes for all flavors. then you pop them into the fridge to firm up. I went to a restaurant supply company to get the little cups..... I only used about half of them so now I have to find another use for the cups!

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