Sunday, July 27, 2008

Go Cubbies!!

Last weekend the hubby and I took a quick trip to Houston to see the Cubs play the Astro's. I haven't been to the new stadium in H-town, it was very nice and clean. We had awesome tickets.... it was the first row on the 3rd level down the left field line. We could see everything perfectly. The only scary thing is how low the fence was in front of us. It wasn't much higher than 3.5 feet tall and considering how far the fall would be it made you very aware of your surroundings. Luckily the Cubs won the game!!!

Our view from our seats

I don't normally eat hot dogs (they gross me out if I start to think about what goes into a hot dog) but I was hungry so I thought why not. The freakin ketchup and mustard container squirted out way more than I wanted.

I also have a HUGE complaint with the Nacho vendors at the stadium. I have never seen people move slower while doing such an easy task. With nachos, you pick up the container with chips, you walk over to the cheese, you grab a ladle of cheesy goodness, and then you dump it into the container. Seems easy, right? NO. I swear I waited over 20 minutes to get nachos. Now if the line was long 20 minutes would be acceptable, but I only had 2 people in front of me. These people had total blank looks on their faces while walking around the nacho area. It took everything I had not to jump over the counter and start making nachos for all of the hungry people in line. Ugh.

Here is the little fence that was supposed to stop us from plunging to our death.

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