Sunday, August 03, 2008

Our Pottery is back!!

Last weekend, Lisha, Shay and I painted pottery together and this weekend I picked up my masterpiece! Shay picked up her and Lisha's plates a couple of days ago. They turned out so cool! They used a special paint that changed colors when it is "cooked". All of the colors came out way more colorful than I was expecting. I really liked my mug but I noticed some brush strokes that I wished that I could fix :o) Now I will just have to paint ceramics again... I have so many more idea's on what I can paint :)

I have one minor complaint about the ceramic place.... My wine "plate" was not done. In fact when I went to the back to find my mug, I saw my wine bottle just sitting there. They hadn't cooked it and formed it into a plate. Damn them. I'll have to go back next weekend to pick it up (it is about a 20 min drive from my house). I'll call this time to make sure it is done because I certainly don't want to have to drive all the way to find out it isn't done. Hopefully they will get it done!!

Shay and Lisha's pretty plates
Here is a picture of Shay and her plate before it was "cooked" (Her plate is the plate on the left above)

My cup

A little of the color insanity inside my cup

Mug before it was "cooked"

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The Millers said...

It looks great. That was fun. So sorry you have to go back for the wine bottle, that stinks!!!!!