Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July Fun!!

We spent a very fun 4th of July on Lake Travis in the Devil's Cove. You guys have seen plenty of pictures of Devil's Cove because we tend to go there every holiday weekend. Mostly because this is the place to go to hang out and people watch. This time we moved off of the beaten boat path and tied up to the 3 boats that we knew. This kept jackasses off of our boat (since you walk on other boats when you want to move to other boats) and we were able to just hang out.

Tiffany enjoying some Malibu Rum... Yeah, I have passed this part of my life. There will be no more drinking directly from the bottle. Actually, now that I have given it some thought I can't remember when I have drank from the bottle. I'm sure I have at some point, but it doesn't happen a lot.

Poor Lindsey is getting smooshed between Tammy and I

Hanging on the boat with some hookers.... HA, just kidding (I think). The girls on the middle boat were friends of friends and I didn't really spend time talking to them. So, I'll just call them hookers! (well, except for Jenny)

Lindsey and I.... yes I am sucking in and I am using Lindsey to hide my belly!

Brian floating around Lake Travis

Jim and Lindsey started a nice game of douse each other with beer. I think Jim started this little game, but Lindsey jumped right in and didn't take any crap from Jim. Way to go girl!

Nick showing us his dance moves

Lindsey and I floating in Devils Cove

Picture from the back of the boat

Tammy and Lindsey

Who is that gorgeous lady floating around!?!?!? Opps, that is me! :)

Fireworks from Johnny Finns.... We didn't' get to really see it from where we were eating so I had to walk outside to take some pictures.

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