Monday, July 21, 2008


We went to a surprise B-day party on Saturday night. It was a friend of a friend's b-day party. We know Matt and Dawn through Sarah and Orly. We typically have a really good time every time we hang out. Sarah and Orly went, so of course we were going to go so we could hang out with the cool couple :) A totally random thing happened that night.... we found out that one of Jim's frat buddies is friends with Matt. If I remember correctly Jim's buddy and Matt knew each other in High School and their families are friends. So, not only did we get to celebrate a b-day, Jim also got to see a friend!

Here are a few pictures from that night....

Matt walking into his surprise party

Matt licking the eyeball of his woman, Dawn. I thought Jim was the only guy to do this move.

Jim with Mark (frat buddy), aka... 3 feet of trouble

So I realize that I said above that we aren't that close with Dawn and Matt, but that didn't' stop Matt from feeding my husband some dessert.

Our friends... Sarah and Orly

Me and 3 feet of trouble

Sarah, Orly, Jim and I wearing our cool "Matt is Thirty" tee-shirts that Dawn made for all party goers.

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