Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time for a change

Lately when I sit in our living room, I think that it is to dark and a change would be fun. We don't have great lighting in there, we have dark floors and medium dark walls. Plus my creative juices are flowing, so having this project would be fun. I just have to balance it with budget because it is such a big room I want to get the biggest bang for my buck. So I have started looking at different color patterns to get an idea of what we can do. I'd like to go with a lighter paint color, but because the living room is right off of the dining room, I need to make sure the colors are complimentary.

I have so many ideas swirling around that I don't know where to start. I suppose I should tell the husband of my ideas, but I want to have everything planned out before I have to start convincing him that it is a good idea :) Last year at this time I changed the color in our den while he was at his Fantasy Football draft (which lasted 2 days at a lake house). Since he is at his draft tonight (he will only be gone over night) I'd like to make some changes, but I started to think about it to late. Hmmmm... what to do!!?? :)

I searched around the internet for some ideas and I found pictures of these rooms. I am drawn to the lightness of the room, the clean lines and the modern/contemporary feeling of the rooms.


Optimista said...

You should post a photo of what your living room looks like now so we can chime in! :)

Dana said...

Good Idea... I'll put one up soon! You know, as soon as I clean up and hide the gazillion dog toys that liter our floor right now! :)