Sunday, August 08, 2010

Simplicity Wine and Eats
Last weekend Jim and I finally tried Simplicity Wine and Eats. I'm not sure why it took us so long to try them out but I'm glad that I did. Their wine prices were pretty reasonable, we shared a bottle of Riesling for $19. Simplicity serves tapas, small plates that is meant for the table to share. We decided that we would each pick 2 items and share. We ordered the Buffalo Calamari, Satay Pork w/peanut sauce, Bacon and sauteed pepper bruschetta, and Cajun shrimp and grits. I tried getting on Simplicity's website to get more accurate food descriptions but it seems to be down right now.
Jim and I (if you look to the left of Jim's face in the picture, you'll see me in the mirror)
at the restaurant
The bacon and pepper brushetta was the clear stand out. Of course anything with bacon on it is going to be good, but overall it was some of the best brushetta that I have had. Another stand out was the buffalo calamari, it had great flavor and the strips of calamari were very tender. The Cajun shrimp and grits was just okay due to the lack of flavor. The shrimp had seasoning, but the incredibly bland grits ruined the dish for me. It was disappointing to me because I have been on a grits kick. The pork satay was dry but the peanut sauce really helped it out.
They had plenty of items on the menu, so I anticipate that we'll be back to give them another try.

Neat shot I got of the sunlight coming in at the restaurant
Tigress Pub

After dinner we headed over to the Tigress Pub. I didn't know much about this bar, just that it opened and it was near the house. When we walked in we were a little surprised at how small it was but we immediately felt comfortable. We found a place to sit, checked out a menu and ordered a couple of drinks. I tried out a French's 75, which had champagne, gin, and I think lemon juice. It was quite tasty but DAMN it was strong. Jim ordered a martini and he said it was the most well made martini that he has tasted. Pam, the owner and bartender, came around and greeted us and asked us how we were doing and if we liked our drinks. We only stayed for one drink, but we enjoyed the pub while we were there.

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