Sunday, August 01, 2010

It's time for the girl to start swimming lessons

Now that Abby is back in good health, we have introduced her to the hike and bike trail. She is a little skittish of all of the bikers and runners going by but she seems to be getting used to it. We still have a lot of work to do on the leash, but she is getting the hang of it. Chewie on the other hand LOVES the hike and bike trail and usually prances along the trail.

At our "turn around" of the walk, we arrive at the leashless area of the trail. Abby is still no where near trained enough to let her off of the leash but Chewie does really well off of the leash. Barring any squirrel sighting, Chewie listens to us. There is a gentle slope down to Town Lake that Chewie loves using to get into the water. We took Abby there and she walked right in.... granted she stopped at about her puppy ankles but she didn't seem disturbed by the water.

1st week on the hike and bike.

Look Ma,,, I'm in the water

Watching at Chewie swims around

Jim and the kids at Zilker Park

Me and the kids

2nd week at the park

Chewie paddling around in the water

When we were down by the water, there were 4 other dogs there and she was watching them. She was very good around the other dogs and started to play with them. Chewie was out swimming with the other dogs, and he was playing nice as well. Chewie seems to have a shorter temper with some dogs (nothing more than a snarl) since we adopted Abby. I am assuming that it has to do with Abby tormenting him all day with her licking and nibbling and he just takes it. Trust me, I am keeping an eye on him while at the park and nothing besides a growl has happened (and usually after that Chewie takes off running).

She walked right in the water and hung out there. I'm not comfortable letting go of the leash yet, but she was pulling a bit because she wanted to go further into the water. Yay!!

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