Monday, August 30, 2010

Purdy Dresses
I didn't watch the Emmy's on Sunday night, I had better things to do like watch True Blood :) On Monday I did check out the interwebs to see who won and what people wore. I can't look at a dress and say "so and so made this dress" but I know what I like and what I don't like. I picked a few dresses that I like and a few that I thought were bad choices for your delight today.
I have no idea who this person is but I totally love this dress. I need to go to an event where I can wear this dress. This color red is my all time favorite.
I like this black dress for it's simplicity yet detail.
This is my 2nd favorite dress... Love the detail on the bottom of the dress and I like the flowy top. Normally I'm not a fan when a dress isn't uniform on both sides, but this dress works for me. So shit... now I need to find another fancy party to go to so I can wear this dress and rock it out.
And now here are my least favorite dressed. I see this dress below and think Junior High Dance. There is far to much poof and random parts that are flaring away.

I'll start with the positives... I like the color. Hmmmm.... guess that is it. This looks like a failed dress from Project Runway. I'm sorry, but I just don't like it.

I'm going to say that I hate this dress, but I just feel like it wasn't finished. Like the dress make couldn't decide what they wanted to do so they draped this white fabric over it to complete it

To me, this dress appears that she was really late to the party. She was in her cab sitting in traffic in the rain when she decided to jump out and run the rest of the way. During her flight she ran through many puddles that stained the bottom half of her dress

I don't necessarily think there is a ton wrong with this dress, but I'm not loving the lacy fabric. A little to Scarlett O'Hara for me

I think when you have to much fabric for the dress, you cut it off and call it a day. This designer decided to hang it on her hip... cause you know women are totally fine with their hips and hauling extra fabric on them!

I hope you enjoyed my commentary :)

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